My name is Karen Lane, and my calligraphy story started at my very own mailbox.

It did. 

Many years ago, as my youngest was napping, I snuck out to the mailbox like any other day. Inside among the bills, and Lands End catalogs, I found an invitation to a friend's upcoming wedding. The envelope had been hand lettered in calligraphy. I stopped still. 

I stood at my mailbox staring at that envelope for significantly longer than I should admit. I had heard of calligraphy and lettering, and had seen it before, but not an envelope addressed to me! When I finally made my way inside, I may have looked at it a bit longer. 

I was hooked. I thought it was beautiful. I thought it was special, and made me ever more excited to attend this upcoming wedding. 

Since that day at the mailbox,  I have taken calligraphy courses, and now have helped many others with calligraphy items for their own special events and weddings. I feel very lucky to have discovered my creative outlet, and especially for receiving that one wedding invitation in the mail.  I encourage love of all types and kinds.